Woman who grew up with three dads under one roof ‘thought it was normal’

In this day and age, there’s no longer such a thing as a ‘normal’ family. Sure, you do still have some families made up of the conventional mum, dad and two kids, but they’re very much in the minority these days.

Nevertheless, one woman, who grew up with a far from ordinary family dynamic, had no idea that living with her mum and three dads all under one roof was at all strange, until she got a bit older.

Raquel Soyka took to TikTok to open up about living with three dads at once after responding to a call out which said, “tell me something that your family made you think was normal growing up.”

“So, the first one that comes to mind is having three dads under one roof; my mum and I, my mum’s first husband called Bill Daddy, my mum’s second husband called Daddy Rich and my father, called Daddy Pete, living together for years and years and years,” she explained.

“I started going to friends’ houses and then I saw that some of their mums were re-married. And I’m like, ‘oh where’s their first husband at? Is he at work or something? Why isn’t he here?’”

Raquel added: “And I’m like, oh well my mum’s first husband, current husband and my dad live under our same roof, I just figured that everybody does too, I just thought that was normal and they’re like, ‘that’s not normal Raquel.'”

After a LOT of questions from confused followers, Raquel explained that her mum married Bill Daddy at the age of 17, had a baby with him and then got divorced, before meeting Daddy Rich. Together, with Daddy Rich, her mum had two babies, before going to get divorced.

Raquel’s mum later went to a bar, at the age of 44, where she met Daddy Pete and fell pregnant with Raquel, however, after she was born, her mum remarried Daddy Rich, who raised her for most of her early years.

They came to live together when Daddy Pete and Bill Daddy suffered some health issues and needed help to be taken care of, so Raquel’s mum offered to take them in – with the consent of her hubby, Daddy Rich.

However, Raquel grew up calling all three of the men by their Daddy titles, and it wasn’t until she was 10 that she found out Daddy Pete was her birth father. She does, however, credit her mum’s second and current husband, Daddy Rich, for taking care of her.

Interestingly enough, when questioned whether they all get along, Raquel explained that her three dads don’t argue with each other and that any fall outs which take place tend to be between her mum and each of the daddies.

It certainly is an out of the ordinary situation, but hey, with so many families separated, many would say it’s an incredible achievement for them all to live together harmoniously. Fair play.